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Current sponsors include:

Major Sponsors


Danish Health and Medicines Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen)

Korean Institute of Medical Education and Evaluation

Honorary Sponsor


Sponsors of the World Directory work with WFME and FAIMER in the development of the directory, and contribute to the decision-making process about:

  • The mission of the directory
  • The criteria for inclusion of medical schools in the directory
    • The World Directory defines “medical school” as an educational institution that provides a complete or full program of instruction leading to a basic medical qualification; that is, a qualification that permits the holder to obtain a license to practice as a medical doctor or physician.
  • The minimal data set required on any school before it is listed
  • The core data to be collected on each school
  • The presentation of the data and access to the database by users of the directory

Page updated April 26, 2024.